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Fujian Matexin's 2020 Excellent Staff Recognition

Fujian Matexin's 2020 Excellent Staff Recognition

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  Today, Fujian Matexin held the 2020 Excellent Staff Recognition Conference.

  The refractory workshop was awarded the title of "advanced collective" due to its excellent production performance and good management in the past year; Wu Xiaofeng, the director of the melting and casting workshop, led the melting and casting workshop to overfulfill the production tasks in the past year and won the "Super Production Award" . In addition, the company also awarded the title of "Advanced Individual" to eleven outstanding employees in various departments with excellent daily work performance .


  Winner style



  "Super Production Award" winners and "Advanced Collective" winners Refractory Workshop Representative




  Group photo of outstanding employees who won the title of "Advanced Individual"



  The development of Matt New is inseparable from the hard work of all employees. I hope everyone will continue to work hard in the coming year, and do better! With you, Matexin will take it to the next level!



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