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Minhou Deputy County Mayor and other leaders visited Fujian Qingkou New Material R&D Center

Minhou Deputy County Mayor and other leaders visited Fujian Qingkou New Material R&D Center

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  On January 13, the deputy head of Minhou Science and Technology led the county and municipal industry and information leaders and the leaders of the Science and Technology Department of Xi’an Jiaotong University to visit Qingkou New Material R&D Center. Chairman Ke Dongjie reported to you the achievements and future of the R&D center. It planned and led the leaders to visit the research institutes and material analysis and testing center of the R&D center, and displayed the latest research results such as the new rapid slag detector, the aluminum melt hydrogen detector, and the high-pressure seamless gas cylinder of the R&D center.



Leaders listen to the introduction of the center



  Leadership and people center staff exchanges




Learn about the center's international cooperation, industry-university-research projects



  Watch Center R & D results - aluminum alloy seamless high-pressure gas cylinders



Visit material sub- analysis testing center




Visit the center's hydrogen and slag testing laboratory


  After the visit, the leaders affirmed the achievements of the R&D center and said that the establishment of the Qingkou New Material R&D Center has conveyed the message of supporting the technological development of enterprises to the government and has made contributions to the internal circulation of the Qingkou industry. I hope that the center will continue to work hard, become bigger and stronger, and strive to become a model and model for the development of science and technology of Qingkou enterprises.

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