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FAPR Refing Vehicle

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FAPR Al Refining Vehicle

  The mobile rotary fluxes and stirring machine (FAPR) has the features of simple structure, easy operation and injection fluxes and stirring functions. The machine can flexibly work in  aluminium  furnace. The mechanical  stirring action to molten aluminium  ensures  alloy  chemical  elements  and  temperature homogeneity; also  the machine can achieve in-furnace degassing and dross-off fuctions. With rapid molten purifying speed, it is the optimal in-furnace purifying process equipment.


  Applied to  various of large-size reverberatory furnaces, aluminium alloy smelting furnaces, holding furnaces etc.Specially for casthouses with multi-unit furnaces that have  stringent alloying extent and  superior purification effects requirement.


  The rotary  stirrer  designed  as  special  impeller  structure  like  axial-flow  blower and it rotates in liquid aluminium with high-speed to pump- transmit liquid aluminum and force the whole in-furnace liquid aluminum to convert so as to optimize effect of liquid aluminium alloying &temperature homogenization; The refining fluxes injected from  the  center  hole  of  impeller  with  the  movement of  liquid  aluminium  will  be dispersed into the molten aluminium to achieve the optimum degassing and refining effect.

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