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How to improve the cleanliness of aluminum melt.

How to improve the cleanliness of aluminum melt.

(Summary description)Foam filtration is the last process technology of aluminum melt purification. To obtain high-purity aluminum melt, it is particularly important to choose high-quality filter plates.

How to improve the cleanliness of aluminum melt.

(Summary description)Foam filtration is the last process technology of aluminum melt purification. To obtain high-purity aluminum melt, it is particularly important to choose high-quality filter plates.

How to improve the cleanliness of aluminum melt.

First, select the correct filter plate.

1. The selection of foam ceramic filter plate depends on the impurity content in the aluminum melt, the melt transfer flow rate and the quality requirements of the final casting product.

① The impurity content is high, and the quality of cast products is average. Foam ceramic filter plate with larger holes and meshes can be selected, and a glass fiber cloth is added in front of the filter plate for coarse filtration. At this time, it is important for semi-continuous casting to roughly filter with glass fiber cloth first, which can intercept the flowing slag when the eyes are opened and the slag washed down by the launder to prevent the filter plate from being blocked.

② The quality requirements of cast products are high, and new foam ceramics with small mesh, i.e. large mesh, are used for filtration. For example, Fujian Ruimin Aluminum Company and South Aluminum Company produce aluminum foil blanks, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Company produces high-quality hot-rolled slabs, Northeast Light Alloy Processing Factory produces high-quality military aluminum products, and the high-quality industrial profiles produced by Guangdong Zhongshan Hesheng Aluminum Company all adopt the second-generation foam ceramic filter plates produced by Fuzhou Maite New High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd.. The most prominent is the selection of 30ppi and 60ppi/ two-stage filtration technologies with specifications of 305×305×50, 381×381×50, 432×432×50 and 508×508×50, which achieve ideal cleanliness and good results.

③ The selection of filter plate specifications depends on the flux and total throughput of the melt. If the flow rate is large, the total throughput is large, and the hole of the filter plate is small, the larger specification is selected.

2. Choose the filter plate and watch its color, pat its body and burn its contents.

①pure color, no impurities, indicating uniform material; If the hand is stuck, it means that the surface is not sprayed with adhesive, which will not cause secondary pollution.

② Hold the filter plate with one hand, pat the filter plate with the other hand with clapping, and continuously drop ceramsite slag, indicating that it is a poor filter plate, which will cause secondary pollution of molten aluminum.

③ Burn it to red with open fire or electric heating, and immediately cool it at room temperature without cracking and slag dropping, which means it is a good filter plate.

3. The effective specific surface area or porosity calculation of the foam should be carefully evaluated when purchasing filtration.

You can observe the mesh homogeneity of the surface layer of the filter plate, and then cut it open to observe the mesh homogeneity of its cross section. If conditions permit, the porosity can be measured and calculated by drainage method. Three-dimensional homogeneous mesh and relatively large porosity are excellent foam ceramic filter plates.

Second, choose high-quality filter plates

—— Purification principle of Mattexin's second generation ceramic filter plate

1.mechanical filtration, the effect is better.

The filtration efficiency is directly proportional to the pore size of foam ceramics through mechanical filtration such as screening inertial collision interception, diffusion interception, friction and sedimentation. The smaller the mesh, the stronger the ability to intercept small particles.

2.Effect of sedimentary layer or filter cake layer .

With the deposition of particles in the melt, the winding interconnection and the support wall of the scraggy grid, the ability to capture impurity particles is improved.

3. Structure of mesh skeleton support body .

The rough surface formed by the gap on the surface of the mesh bracket increases the interface between the aluminum liquid flow and the ceramic solid surface, which can promote the particle flow direction in the aluminum liquid flow to be more disordered, which is beneficial to the capture and deposition of solid particles. At the same time, the micro-cracks and pinholes on the surface deposit fluoride flux with strong affinity for Al2O3 and other particles in advance, which promotes the complete filter cake layer effect and strong chemical adsorption force, and enhances the ability to capture the remaining impurity particles.

4. Make effective use of solute concentration difference of alloy.

From the melting process of metal melt structure and the temperature field effect in the transmission process, the concentration difference of alloy solute will inevitably be formed. The metal melt is redistributed-integrated-redistributed-integrated again, which is also a good alloying process. Some high melting point metal phases and compounds re-aggregate and grow up, and the fine impurity phases are beneficial to filtration and capture after aggregation and growth. This can also be explained by the changes of the concentrations of H, Al2O3, Fe and Ti phases before and after filtration.

Third, choose powerful manufacturers

1. Company profile

    Fujian Maite New Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian Province in November 2010 with a registered capital of 40.47 million yuan. The company is an innovative enterprise specializing in the production and research of aluminum alloy melting process technology, special equipment and high-performance aluminum alloy materials for special purposes. It has been awarded the honorary title of National High-tech Enterprise, Fujian Enterprise Technology Center, Fujian Specialized and Special Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, Fujian Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, etc., and has established a national society workstation in cooperation with Nonferrous Metals Society, and served as the Fuzhou work base workstation of China Association for Science and Technology "Haizhi Plan". The founder of the company is the former director of Fuzhou University Nonferrous Metal Melting Research Institute and Xinzuo Material Equipment Technology Research Institute, and has been engaged in the research of aluminum alloy melt treatment and purification for more than 30 years.

2. Company team

   The motto of the company is "Use both hands and brains to innovate". With a perfect technical team and 110 employees, the company adheres to the people-oriented principle, pursues excellence and innovation integrity. He has won 1 first prize, 3 second prizes and 4 third prizes for provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress. At present, he owns 5 invention patents and dozens of utility model patents, has edited 6 national and industry standards, published 2 related technical monographs, and has many years of experience and attainments in the field of aluminum alloy melt treatment and purification technology. With annual sales of 400 million yuan, it is a scientific and technological enterprise with broad possibility and development in aluminum industry.  

       < prove strength with innovation >                                                   < Product enterprise is recognized >

3. Factory strength

   The company has 60-ton aluminum alloy casting DC production line, 15-ton special aluminum alloy DC line, 15-ton aluminum alloy homogenizing furnace, 1500-ton double-action reverse variable cross-section intelligent extrusion production line, two high-precision seamless tube precision pumping and straightening production lines, two sets of semi-automatic aluminum alloy die casting machines, 160-meter nano porous foam ceramic production line and intelligent aluminum alloy welding and processing machine processing factory, and a well-equipped test center building, equipped with spectrometer, high-power microscope, hydrogen meter and hydrogen meter for imported aluminum alloy.

   Main products: foam ceramic filter plates, degasifiers, on-line filter equipment, slag detectors, large flat aluminum alloy ingots, round ingots, seamless pipes and other special aluminum alloy materials, a variety of aluminum alloy materials from Series 1 to Series 7 and some magnesium alloy pipe and rod materials.


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