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EMC HYCAL Online Hydrogen Tester

EMC HYCAL Online Hydrogen Tester

Remote control Ethernet port can realize remote control
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Hydrogen meter features:

  Remote control Ethernet port can realize remote control

  Fast and efficient initial temperature reading <5 minutes (typical), subsequent response time <5

  Traceability continuous measurement, real-time continuous data storage

  Convenient calibration provides on-site calibration service

  Economical and affordable, can measure 100 times or 20 hours of cumulative use

  No assembly required for plug and play. Simple and easy to use, same as standard thermocouple.


The British Hycal hydrogen meter, which is newly represented by Matt, has the advantages:

  1) Lightweight only 9.2kg, good portability;

  2) Wide range of applications: comes with a thermocouple, the length of the probe rod can be increased to 2m or longer according to customer requirements, and can be used in the pressurized furnace and degassing process;

  3) It is powered by a battery, which can get rid of the range restriction caused by the wire and the risk of the wire being burned out by the molten aluminum, and it can be taken to any occasion;

  4) The measurement time is greatly shortened: the response can be achieved in 2s, and the measurement result can be obtained within 5 minutes;

  5) High accuracy: measurement error <0.01ml/100g;

  6) Low measurement cost: The cost of each measurement is 2~5 US dollars, which is one-third of the ordinary hydrogen meter;

  7) Remote control: The MODBUS TCP technology is used to control the probe remotely, and the probe can be remotely controlled into the aluminum melt away from the host, which greatly increases the safety;

  8) Can be calibrated: calibration gas (such as argon/nitrogen) can be used to test the accuracy of the probe during system measurement;

  9) There is a supporting dedicated hydrogen measurement software, with instructions in multiple languages, simple operation, and the results can be stored, uploaded, and downloaded;

  10) There is an automatic system diagnosis function, which automatically prompts the operator when there is a problem.


  For more information, please contact us.

EMC HYCAL Online Hydrogen Tester
Hydrogen meter

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