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Our company's two-stage filter box adopts a two-stage filtration method with high efficiency and impurity removal. Two filter plates are placed up and down in the same filter box, and the two-stage spacing is designed according to the flow rate. In use, the single and double-stage filtration can be flexibly selected depending on the product requirements.
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  The filter box of our company adopts a high-efficiency filter method that removes impurities, and the filter method and equipment size can be flexibly selected depending on the customer's production requirements. Compared with the two-channel or multi-channel filtration used in the past, the two-stage filtration equipment has higher filtration accuracy, which is conducive to alloying treatment, and at the same time avoids the heterophasic polymerization to grow into metastable coarse particles and then diffuse and decompose into particles with the fluid. In this way, depending on the pore size of the filter plate, the particles can be captured by the second-stage filter plate before the particles are decomposed. This structure solves the problems of aluminum foil pinholes and profile burrs, and reduces extrusion dark lines. This device has been verified by the Patent Office, applied for and passed a utility model patent.

  Technical indicators and acceptance specifications

  1. The inner tank of the filter box is made of MTX-01 non-stick aluminum high-temperature sintered ceramics, with imported insulation layer, the continuous use temperature is 900 degrees Celsius, and the maximum use temperature is 1050 degrees Celsius;

  2. It can realize automatic heating and temperature control functions. The heating system can freely set the temperature and display the actual temperature in real time, automatic heating and automatic temperature control. The heating element is easy to replace. The heating system can meet the needs of the casting process;

  3. With a heat preservation cover, it can be covered for heating and heat preservation during heating and use. It can be opened when cleaning the filter box and replacing the filter plate. The opening/closing of the heat preservation cover adopts automatic operation. The opening/closing of the upper cover adopts Cylinder design control;

  4. The top cover has two forms of heating by resistance wire and silicon carbon rod. Different methods can be used according to the heating power. The heating power can reach 45 kilowatts, and it is equipped with a portable simple burner for heating with liquefied gas;

  5. The temperature rise of the outer wall of the iron shell when the filter box is working is ≤40℃;

  6. The lining life of the filter box is more than 24 months.

Filter box

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